Can Lebanese go to Palestine?

Can Lebanese go to Palestine?

Nobody, not even Lebanese can go to 'Palestine' as no such country exists. From Lebanon they can go to Israel, Judea, Samaria or Gaza if they want. The route would be via Jordan or Cyprus if Hezbolah will allow it (with a bribe).

How many refugees are in Lebanon 2019?


How many refugees did Lebanon take?

Impact of the Syrian refugee crisis Lebanon has more than 1 million Syrians and over 400,000 long term refugees from Palestine now living among a national population of 4 million.

How are Syrian refugees treated in Lebanon?

Both Palestinian and Syrian refugees have suffered from long-standing discrimination and marginalization as a result of Lebanese policies that deny them access to basic rights, including housing, work, education, and healthcare./span>

How did Britain gain control of Israel?

The British Mandate for Palestine (1918-1948) was the outcome of several factors: the British occupation of territories previously ruled by the Ottoman Empire, the peace treaties that brought the First World War to an end, and the principle of self-determination that emerged after the war./span>

When did the British control Israel?

29 September 1923

Who lives in the Gaza?

There are approximately 2 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and 3 million in the West Bank, according to the Palestinian Authority's Population Registry./span>