What is the main goal of the Palestinian Liberation Organization?

What is the main goal of the Palestinian Liberation Organization?

The organization's initial goals were to unite various Arab groups and create a liberated Palestine in Israel. Over time, the PLO has embraced a broader role, claiming to represent all Palestinians while running the Palestinian National Authority (PA).

Who leads the PLO?

Since 29 October 2004, Mahmoud Abbas has been the Chairman of the PLO EC.

What is the PLO whom does it represent?

Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Arabic Munaẓẓamat al-Taḥrīr Filasṭīniyyah, umbrella political organization claiming to represent the world's Palestinians—those Arabs, and their descendants, who lived in mandated Palestine before the creation there of the State of Israel in 1948.

How many soldiers does Palestine have?

Palestine Liberation Army
Group(s)Popular Liberation Forces 329 Commando Battalion (Egypt) Battalion 411 (Syria) Battalion 421 (Iraq)
IdeologyPalestinian nationalism Anti-Zionism
Size6,000 (2017)
AlliesAs-Sa'iqa PFLP-GC Fatah al-Intifada Liwa al-Quds Syrian Army Hezbollah

Can you Deannex from a city?

The bill, in short, provides a mechanism by which a city resident can express his or her right to deannex by eliminating the city's current veto power. In determining whether to grant a property owner's deannexation petition, a county would have to agree.

What are annexation powers?

Annexation, a formal act whereby a state proclaims its sovereignty over territory hitherto outside its domain. Unlike cession, whereby territory is given or sold through treaty, annexation is a unilateral act made effective by actual possession and legitimized by general recognition.