What is the synonym of accomodate?

What is the synonym of accomodate?

oblige, accommodate(verb) provide a service or favor for someone. "We had to oblige him" Synonyms: oblige, admit, adapt, lodge, compel, fit, suit, obligate, conciliate, hold, reconcile, bind.

What is a better word for fantastic?

What is another word for fantastic?

What is a synonym for charitable?

SYNONYMS FOR charitable 1 beneficent, liberal, bountiful, benevolent. 2 broad-minded, considerate, mild.

What is a negative word for astounded?

Antonyms of ASTOUNDED incurious, unconcerned, casual, jaded, unsurprised, dispassionate, blase, emotionless, unimpressed, nonchalant, bored, impassive, unruffled, unemotional, uninterested, disinterested, not surprised, indifferent.

What is a synonym for generous?

Frequently Asked Questions About generous Some common synonyms of generous are bountiful, liberal, and munificent. While all these words mean "giving or given freely and unstintingly," generous stresses warmhearted readiness to give more than size or importance of the gift.

What are the synonyms for generosity?


  • assistance.
  • benevolence.
  • charity.
  • favor.
  • generosity.
  • good turn.
  • kindness.
  • philanthropy.

What is another word for act of kindness?

What is another word for act of kindness?
good deedservice
kindly actkindness
special favorgrace

What is the adjective of kindness?

adjective. /kaɪnd/ (kind‧er, kind‧est) 1caring about others; gentle, friendly, and generous a very kind and helpful person a kind heart/face a kind action/gesture/comment You've been very kind.

What is the root word for kindness?

Kindness comes from the Old English word 'kyndnes' meaning 'nation' or 'produce, increase'. The word is further derived from the Middle English word 'kindenes' meaning 'noble deeds' or 'courtesy'.

What are some words of kindness?

What are some kindness synonyms?

  • Benevolence.
  • Care.
  • Compassion.
  • Concern.
  • Courtesy.
  • Friendliness.
  • Gentleness.
  • Goodness.

What kind of noun is kindness?

[countable] a kind act I can never repay your many kindnesses to me.

What are 10 acts of kindness?

Here are our 10 acts of kindness, but you can also brainstorm your own acts as a family!

  • Stop to lend a hand. ...
  • Spread some beauty. ...
  • Double dinner. ...
  • Send kind greetings to the troops. ...
  • Let a stranger go in front of you in line. ...
  • Send a kind note to someone. ...
  • Clean up. ...
  • Pay it forward.

What is opposite of kindness?

hatred, meanness, animosity, barbarousness, thoughtlessness, indifference, harshness, indecency, selfishness, mercilessness, hostility, intolerance, ill will, cruelty.

How do you show kindness?

Here are some tried and true ideas for how to be kind with those special people in our life.

  1. Surprise them with an unexpected visit or phone call.
  2. Give them a big hug.
  3. Express your empathy. ...
  4. Give them a handwritten card or letter.
  5. Babysit for free. ...
  6. Write them a letter.
  7. Make them a meal. ...
  8. Go visit your parents.

What is another name for a king or queen?

What is another word for king?

What is the other name of kinesics?

A gesture or action used to convey information or an instruction. sign. gesture. signal. gesticulation.

What is kinesics with its examples?

Kinesics. The word kinesics comes from the root word kinesis, which means “movement,” and refers to the study of hand, arm, body, and face movements. Specifically, this section will outline the use of gestures, head movements and posture, eye contact, and facial expressions as nonverbal communication.

What is Kinesics and Proxemics?

Working definitions for these three domains are: Proxemics is the study of our perception and structuring of interpersonal and environmental space; Kinesics refers to actions and positions of the body, head, and limbs; and, Gaze involves movements and direction of the eyes in visual interaction. (

What is the definition of Proxemics?

: the study of the nature, degree, and effect of the spatial separation individuals naturally maintain (as in various social and interpersonal situations) and of how this separation relates to environmental and cultural factors.

What are the 4 types of space?

Interpersonal distance. Hall described the interpersonal distances of man (the relative distances between people) in four distinct zones: (1) intimate space, (2) personal space, (3) social space, and (4) public space.

What are the 4 zones of personal space?

Personal space or proxemics, a form of non-verbal communication, is the space surrounding each person. Zones: Broadly, the four distinct zones are: Intimate (0-2 ft.), Personal (2-4 ft), Social (4-12 ft.) and Public (more than 12 ft.).

Which distance is considered personal?

Personal distance begins about an arm's length away; starting around 18 inches (46 cm) from the person and ending about 4 feet (122 cm) away. This space is used in conversations with friends, to chat with associates, and in group discussions. 3.

When a guy stands in your personal space?

If a man enters your personal space in a subtle way, it's a clear body-language sign that he's flirting with you. He may shift in his seat to come closer to you, or lay a personal item like a phone on the table between you.

What is intimate distance?

Intimate distance is that which is used for very confidential communications. This zone of distance is characterized by 0 to 2 feet of space between two individuals. An example of intimate distance is two people hugging, holding hands, or standing side-by-side.

What is the legal definition of personal space?

Personal space is an approximate area surrounding an individual in which other people should not physically violate in order for them to feel comfortable and secure. The law does not recognize a specific crime or civil action based on violation of personal space per se. ...

Can I hit someone for getting in my face?

You can only use force to defend yourself, not to get even. If someone gets in your face without touching you, you might be allowed to use force, but it depends on the circumstances. You don't have to wait for someone to hit you, but you can't sucker-punch someone because you want more space in a mosh pit.

Is it illegal to get in someone's face?

Getting in someone's face can be considered assault in certain situations. ... In short, if getting in someone's face involves threatening them with imminent bodily injury, it might be considered assault, which the state classifies as a misdemeanor.

Is invading personal space assault?

Simple assault is the violation of one's personal space without consent that does not result in physical harm. ... Police, however, have the authority to use reasonable and equal force to subdue suspects, which may and often do negate actions that would be considered assault by civilians.