How old is Eisenhorn?

How old is Eisenhorn?

Cool Old Guy: Eisenhorn himself. He is in his 40's when first introduced, and by the end of the third book he is still active at over 180 years old. By the time of the Eisenhorn vs. Ravenor he is nearly 300 years old and, though physically a wreck, more dangerous than ever.

How many inquisitors are there 40k?

Currently within the modern Inquisition of M41 there are three Ordos Majoris (Xenos, Malleus, and Hereticus), and an unknown number of Ordos Minoris. These branches are ever-present for their mission is considered never-ending.

Are inquisitors Space Marines?

Re: are inquisitors space marines? No, they don't have the means. Chapters are technically within their jurisdiction, but most chapters immediately destroy their gene seed if dissolved, or go down fighting if the Imperium tries to take it from them.

How long can a primarch live?

That depends on which of the two versions of the fluff regarding Space Marines you believe: they can live to a few thousand years old, and die of age; or they are functionally inmortal and will only die in battle. As they are Super Space Marines, it is probably between tens of thousands to inmortal.

Which Primarch is the best fighter?

Horus and Sanguinius are the best fighters of all the Primarchs, Sangunius with infinite potential and Horus with his genius. A+ tier: Russ, Angron, Lion, Konrad, Vulkan.

What happened to the two lost Primarchs?

The Lost Primarchs were erased from Imperial records at least 43 years prior to the events of Isstvan V, as only eighteen Legions are referenced during the events at Monarchia. ... Magnus the Red confirms that the Emperor personally purged the two lost Primarchs/Legions from history.

How did Leman Russ die?

No one knows what happened to Leman Russ. Some say he disappeared in the Eye of Terror whilst searching for his old friend and rival, the Dark Angels Primarch Lion El'Jonson.

Who found the last Primarch?


What happened to fulgrim?

Following these tasks, Fulgrim largely vanished as he became more concerned with the matters of the Warp and his Legion disintegrated into various warbands. However Horus and Eidolon were both confident that he would ultimately return when they reached Terra.