Where did the name Optimus Prime come from?

Where did the name Optimus Prime come from?

Before the Great War, Optimus Prime was originally known as Orion Pax; a young data clerk who worked in Iacon, under the wing of Alpha Trion. Orion was chosen by the High Council and became "Optimus Prime", upon being entrusted with the Matrix of Leadership by Primus himself.

Who killed Solus Prime?


How did the 13 primes die?

Prima led the early Cybertronians and is thought to have died in the Great Cataclysm. Vector Prime left to travel the universe throughout both space and time. Alpha Trion led the early Cybertronians with Prima through their beginning to the Great War and died after the Decepticons' final attack on Iacon.

Who are 13 primes?

The Thirteen

  • Prima.
  • Vector Prime.
  • Alpha Trion.
  • Solus Prime.
  • Micronus Prime.
  • Alchemist Prime.
  • Nexus Prime.
  • Onyx Prime.

Is quintessa a prime?

Quintessa is an apparent Transformer from The Last Knight portion of the live-action film series continuity family. ... Quintessa is a mysterious and powerful space sorceress. The self-described "Prime of Life", she claims to have created the Cybertronian species and considers Cybertron to be hers to command.

Is Earth really Unicron?

Traditionally, Unicron not only isn't Earth, but it's not actually a planet at all. Instead, the concept, first introduced in 1986's animated Transformers: The Movie, was something that originally looked like a planet, but turned out to be a massive Transformer himself.

Why does quintessa want unicron dead?

After Quintessa is vanquished but not killed in the film's final act, Optimus Prime and the Autobots save Earth/Unicron from being engulfed by Cybertron, the previous Transformers home planet. ... (Unless Quintessa is running a long con and Unicron is actually evil and she wanted to use him to destroy Cybertron all along.)

Why did Mikaela break up with Sam?

Sam was dating Carly Spencer by the time the third movie started. Sam says of her that she was somebody who appreciated him for who he was. This line leads us to conclude that Mikaela must not have appreciated him for who he was. ... Basically, Mikaela didn't appreciate Sam, so she broke up with him.

How did quintessa die?

It focuses entirely on Quintessa, the original creator of the Transformers and Cybertron, the planet they originated from. The Last Knight ends with Quintessa being destroyed by Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, her body flung off the spaceship the Decepticons and Autobots have been fighting on.

Is unicron a good guy?

Unicron is an imperfect being and turns to evil, adapting his form to transform into a giant robot. ... This means there is only one Unicron who travels from universe to universe across all the assorted Transformers continuities.

Is quintessa really the creator?

Quintessa is a member of the Creators who is attempting to destroy or enslave the Transformers race. In The Last Knight, Quintessa is a spindly, vaguely organic creature that seems to have more in common with a jellyfish than a robot, and who also claims to be Optimus Prime's creator.

How old is Optimus?

between five and nine million years

Does Megatron die in the last knight?

He decided to make a truce with Optimus, as long he could remain in charge of his Decepticon forces saying, "Besides, who would you be without me, Prime?" Just as Megatron was about to shoot, Optimus shoved Megatron to the ground, smashed Megatron's head with an energy ax and tore it off his body, killing the tyrant ...

Who is stronger Megatron or Galvatron?

As you can see, both Galvatron and Megatron have a strength level of “10”, making them equal in terms of brute strength. However, if you average out the stats from each character, Galvatron comes out on top with a 9.

Why did Megatron become weaker?

Obviously megatron was weaker, he got pwned at the end of rotf and had half his head missing! Even starscream said he looked weak if you remember correctly. Megs was a broken down shell of a con in DOTM, hence why Prime owned him so hard.

Who is stronger Optimus or Megatron?

Optimus is a better warrior with superior close combat skill. It's not a matter of good vs. evil as to why Optimus usually wins, it's a matter of him being the superior fighter. Megatron is actually bigger, stronger, and more powerful, however Optimus is much quicker, more skilled and has a better mentality.