What is the meaning of Optimus Prime?

What is the meaning of Optimus Prime?

first, in importance or quality

What is Optimus Prime's name?

Orion Pax

Who is Megatron's son?


Who is Bumblebee's brother?

Hot Rod

Who is Megatron's girlfriend?

Carly Spencer

Who is Bumblebee's arch enemy?


Who is Bumblebee's mother?

Meet Queen-E. She's Bumblebee's mom. She can be sweet and gentle with her children, But as the most impressive Security Director in Cybertron history, she's hard as nails.

Why did Bumblebee leave Charlie?

Charlie took her first step into adulthood by telling Bee he needs to be with his people, and Bumblebee learned that even though he has a job to do, he doesn't have to forget those he loves. The ending showed that they chose to separate because they understand the importance of responsibility.

What happened to Sam Witwicky?

Burton then reveals that she is the last surviving heir of Merlin, and therefore she is the only one who can use Merlin's staff to stop the incoming attack from Cybertron. If Vivian is the last surviving Witwicky, that means Sam Witwicky is likely dead.

Who is Bumblebee's dad?

Tim Martin Gleason

Did Bumblebee know Alice was a Decepticon?

You're right, Bumblebee definitely knew that Alice was a Pretender, an Autobot would never fling a human around like that....or would they?, considering Bay's Autbot's are a bit more bloodthirsty! But yes, Bumblebee totally knew.

Who was nemesis prime?

Nemesis Prime is a major antagonist from the Transformers franchise. He is an evil clone of Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots. Sometimes, he is either affiliated with the Decepticons or a different character entirely with no faction.

Why did they kill off Ironhide?

because Ironhide was in his way, and with Optimus not there, there was no one there with the firepower to stop him. In long: Sentinel betrayed the Autobot cause a very very long time ago on Cybertron. ... So he killed Ironhide (according to what I read he even killed the "twins" from Transformers 2).

Why did Optimus kill Megatron?

Optimus prime killed Megatron because of his unorthodox ways of liberating Cybertron from the tyrannical claws of Sentinel Prime. Optimus Prime killed Megatron because he was willing to go to any length to remove Sentinel Prime.

Who was the first transformer to die?

Optimus Prime

Why was jazz killed in Transformers?

Jazz appeared in issue #6 of the Titan Transformers magazine. Clocker and Jazz were being pursued by Bonecrusher, with Jazz half-dead due to not protecting his Spark Core properly - he would've been fully dead if Clocker hadn't saved him.

Why did grimlock attack Optimus?

Because Grimlock, like his other incarnations and his Dinobot comrades, resort to brute force as the first answer. ... When Optimus realized they are not strong enough to with the upcoming battle, he used the sword to free the captive dinobots.

Who killed sideswipe?

Sideswipe and the other Autobots were forced to leave Earth when the turncoat Sentinel Prime coerced the human governments to exile their protectors. As it was leaving Earth's atmosphere, the Autobot's ship, the Xantium, was destroyed by Starscream, and Sideswipe was presumably killed along with his fellow Autobots.

Who is the smallest transformer?