What does WV mean in states?

What does WV mean in states?

West Virginia

What is the poorest town in WV?

Detailed List Of The Poorest Places To Live In West Virginia
RankCityPoverty Rate

What is the state of West Virginia famous for?

West Virginia is known for its scenic mountain beauty, unmatched outdoor recreation opportunities and the friendliest folks in the country.

Is WV a cheap state to live in?

The overall cost of living in West Virginia is about 10 percent below the national average, and it's much lower in certain cities and towns.

What is the most dangerous city in West Virginia?


What is the richest city in West Virginia?


What is the poorest county in West Virginia?

West Virginia is the third poorest state in the United States of America, with a per capita income of $23,450 (2015)....West Virginia counties ranked by per capita income.
Per capita income$30,912
Median household income$66,677
Median family income$79,830

Who is the largest employer in West Virginia?

State Profile: Largest Employers
#EmployerNumber of Employees
1West VA Dept-Transportation10,000
2CAMC Memorial Hospial5,000
3West VA Univ-Div-Student Life4,000
4Cabell Huntington Hospital2,500

Is West Virginia a good place to live?

On a very good note, West Virginia is known widely for its low cost of living and beautiful scenery—considered by many to be somewhat of a hidden gem, or even a paradise. If you're an outdoorsy type, this just might be your dream state.

Is it cheaper to live in West Virginia or Virginia?

An amount below 100 means West Virginia is cheaper than the US average....West Virginia cost of living is 78.

Is West Virginia a good retirement state?

CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK)—A recent survey conducted by Retirement Living found that West Virginia is the third-best state for retirement, right behind Florida and Texas.

What is the best town to live in West Virginia?

Best Places to Live in West Virginia

  • Vienna.
  • Dunbar.
  • Morgantown.
  • Nitro.
  • South Charleston.
  • New Martinsville.
  • Weirton.
  • Elkins.

Who is the richest man in West Virginia?

James Conley Justice II (born Ap) is an American businessman and politician who has been serving as the 36th governor of West Virginia since 2017. With a net worth of around $1.

What is the highest paying job in WV?

Detailed List Of Highest Paying Jobs In West Virginia
RankJob TitleAverage Salary
2Physicians, All Other; And Ophthalmologists, Except Pediatric$207,040
3Nurse Anesthetists$188,580
4Family Medicine Physicians$169,340

What is the most common job in West Virginia?

The most common job groups, by number of people living in West Virginia, are Cashiers (23,172 people), Driver/sales workers & truck drivers (23,167 people), and Registered nurses (18,992 people).

How Dangerous Is West Virginia?

West Virginia's violent crime rate of 3.

Does West Virginia get a lot of snow?

The US average is 28 inches of snow per year....Climate Averages.
West Virginia, West VirginiaUnited States

Which state has the worst winter?

Ice fishing can't be that cool, really. And so we think that —despite all appearances—Minnesota does in fact have the most miserable winter in the United States.

What is winter like in West Virginia?

West Virginia enjoys pleasantly hot, humid summers and relatively mild but crisp winters, with moderate rainfall throughout the year. Average temperatures in July and August rarely exceed 32°C (90°F), while in winter there is often snow.

What is the coldest month in West Virginia?


Does West Virginia get tornadoes?

An average of two confirmed tornadoes are reported in West Virginia each year.

What state has never had a tornado?

However, Alaska leads the nation with the fewest reported tornadoes, followed by Hawaii. Alaska's northern location and relatively cool climate account for its low tornado toll.

What kind of natural disasters happen in West Virginia?

West Virginia's most common natural disasters include floods, severe storms, winter storms, wildfires, landslides, and power outages. Other less popular disasters include droughts and tropical storms.

How common are tornadoes in West Virginia?

On average we see about 30 tornadoes in our region every year. Virginia has about 18 tornadoes a year, Maryland sees an average of 10 tornadoes, while West Virginia clocks in with 2 tornadoes annually.