What does EHUE mean?

What does EHUE mean?

interjection. Definitions: alas! (exclamation of grief/pain/fear)

What is the meaning of optimum?

greatest degree attained

What means conducive?

: tending to promote or assist an atmosphere conducive to education.

What is optimum darkness?

An optimum is the best condition or highest extent of something. He didn't mean to create a science experiment, but the unwashed coffee cup under his desk became the optimum dark, wet environment for growing lots of mold.

Why does Max like freak riding on his shoulders?

Why does Max like Freak riding on his shoulders? He likes Freak telling him which way to go. He likes having a really smart brain on his shoulders, helping him think. He likes Freak being able to see if Tony D. is anywhere around.

What is the optimum point?

the best or most favorable point, degree, amount, etc., as of temperature, light, and moisture for the growth or reproduction of an organism. the greatest degree or best result obtained or obtainable under specific conditions.

Why is Max not dreading school this year?

Max learns that, as a result of Kevin's birth defect, his heart has literally gotten “too big for his body.” As a result of Kevin's death, we learn that Max's retreat into his “down under” doesn't allow him to go to school because Max stays in the basement “for days and days.” Therefore, Max is not going to school due ...

Why don t the boys have to hunt Freak the Mighty?

The boys don't have to hunt because Keving already knew where the treasure was. 4) In what way is this quest different from others? This quest is different from the others because they are not going to keep their treasure, they are going to try and return it to its owner.

What happens in chapter 13 of Freak the Mighty?

When Max meets back up with Freak, Freak is in the cafeteria eating chop suey. Max goes to get him a second helping, and when he comes back, Freak has changed color and can't breathe. This isn't good. The nurse comes over and sticks something plastic down his throat to help him breathe.

Why did Gwen Call gram?

Why did Gwen call Gram? Gwen called Gram to apologize for how she reacted when she first saw Max. She also wanted to invite Max over for supper to make up for it.

Where does Max go when his emotions get overwhelmed?

He distances himself from his grandparents, both emotionally and physically, retreating to the down under whenever he gets upset: "I like it in the down under, got the place all to myself and no fear of Gram sticking her head in the door" (2.

Why does Max cry at the end of chapter 5?

Max cries because he is happy. What happens to Max and Freak when they are walking to the millpond to see the fireworks? They get stopped and harassed by Tony D. ... and his gang chase Freak and Max, but because Freak is on Max's shoulders he can direct Max into the millpond, where they escape but get stuck in the mud.

Why did grim and gram put Max in daycare?

Why did Grim and Gram put Max in daycare? They both had full-time jobs. They thought it would improve his bad temper. He was having trouble learning his ABCs.

What is freak's real name?

Kevin Avery

Why does Max live in the basement?

The basement is Max's security blanket. It's his safe place. When Max was four years old, he saw his mother brutally murdered by his own father.

What is the main idea of Chapter 17 in Freak the Mighty?

In Chapter 17 of Freak the Mighty, Kenny Kane, Max's father, who is also known as Killer Kane, has kidnapped Max. He has taken him to a hideout provided by none other than Iggy Lee, the notorious motorcycle gang leader, and Loretta Lee. Will Max be safe with his own father? We are about to find out.

What happens in chapter 21 of Freak the Mighty?

Killer Kane ends up pleading guilty and has to serve out the rest of his sentence plus 10 years. Max still can't find peace about it. Grim tells him that Kane was an accident of nature, and that Max is nothing like him. He may have gotten his dad's looks but he has his mother's heart.

What does Killer Kane swear on the Bible?

What does Killer Kane swear on the Bible? "I, Kenneth David Kane, do swear by all that's Holy that I did not murder this boy's mother. And if that isn't the truth, may God strike me dead."

What happens in chapter 16 of Freak the Mighty?

Chapter 16 of Freak the Mighty Grim's worst nightmare comes to life when Killer Kane sneaks into Max's room in the middle of the night and takes him captive in chapter 16 of the Rodman Philbrick novel, Freak the Mighty. Killer Kane is Max's father who has been serving time in prison for the murder of Max's mother.

How long was Killer Kane in jail?

8 years

Why does freak need a new body?

Why does Freak need a new body? Freak's legs are too small for the rest of his body. Freak's head is to large for the rest of his body. Freak is growing on the inside but not on the outside.

What chapter does freak die?

Freak the Mighty Chapter 25.

Why does freak die?

Killer Kane pleads guilty. After having a seizure on his birthday, Freak is admitted into the hospital, where he gives Max a blank book, telling him to write the story of Freak the Mighty in it. Max returns to the hospital the next day to find that Freak died because his heart became too big for his body.

How old is freak?


What gift did Kevin give Max when he was in the hospital?

In the novel Freak the Mighty, Kevin is succumbing to his lifelong illnesses caused by birth defects in the hospital. Kevin gives Max a blank notebook to remember the adventures they have had over the previous year.

Why is Max afraid of growing up?

He doesn't want to become like his father. Why is Max afraid of growing up? Freak says, "Remembering is just an invention of the mind."

What happens when freak starts coughing in the ICU?

Q. What happens when Freak starts coughing in the ICU? The machine next to Freak's bed starts beeping, and the nurse makes Max leave. Freak starts to choke, and Max runs for help.

Why is Kevin's voice funny?

Why does Kevin voice sound funny? Kevin's voice sounds funny because he as a button attacked to he's neck and what it does it helps he breath and when he talks the button makes Kevin speak different.