Who is Barrett's wife?

Who is Barrett's wife?

Myrna Wallace

Are Cloud and Tifa together?

Not officially. Tifa and Cloud have a very long and complicated history together . They were childhood friends but were not super close as kids. Tifa knew Cloud back when Sephiroth was still Cloud's hero.

Is Marlene really Barrett's daughter?

Marlene Wallace is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remake who also appears in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, where she narrates the beginning. She is the adopted daughter of Barret Wallace.

Is TIFA Cloud's girlfriend?

It's never really confirmed who Cloud's official girl is as that's the purpose of a love triangle dependent on choice. Yes, Tifa is Cloud's childhood friend, but that would only lock them in marriage if it was as linear as Dragon Quest XI which forced you to marry boring Gemma on the PS4 version.

What did Marlene see when she hugged Aerith?

What did Marlene See when she Hugged Aerith? When Marlene hugged Aerith, there was a flash - then Aerith kinda "hushed" her... what was that all about? An alternative universe/timeline that did not include fate ghosts or Seph fanfic, and that calmed her down, knowing someplace, somewhere SE made the story justice.

What is Aerith's secret?

When Aerith meets Cloud for the second time, in the church in the Sector 5 slums, the Ultimania states that, "Before Cloud even said his name, Aerith knew that he was an Ex-SOILDER as well as a jack of all trades." Many originally dismissed this as Cloud's Mako-green eyes or uniform could have given him away, but here ...

What did aerith do to Red 13?

User Info: DouglasQuade. She was giving them all their memories from the original. When it happens with Marlene, Aerith puts her finger to her mouth like saying, "Don't tell anybody." Red XIII was about to rip them all apart so it makes sense there too.

Is aerith the last ancient?

Aerith is the last of the Cetra, an ancient race with powerful magical abilities, and so the Shinra Electric Power Company hunts her throughout her life, seeking to exploit her powers. She meets Cloud Strife in Midgar, and the two become close, leading her to join his quest to fight Shinra and hunt down Sephiroth.

Does TIFA wear a bra?

It's Been A Big Day By giving Tifa a sports bra in Final Fantasy VII Remake, it shows that the designers wanted to put her as a character and fighter first and foremost rather than the sex symbol she became known as when the original Final Fantasy VII was released.

Is TIFA stronger than cloud?

Tifa might be as physically strong as Cloud, but not as physically durable. She couldn't take several stabbings and still win against Sephiroth. ... Vincent is later revealed to have more latent power than Cloud in Dirge of Cerberus, but that was only after this movie. There's not much else to say.

Does cloud have a crush on TIFA?

Cloud and Tifa have known each other since childhood, growing up as neighbors in Nibelheim. The two are childhood friends, and Cloud has had a crush on Tifa since they were young, but this does not mean that Cloud is a good match for Tifa. Following a childhood accident at Mt.

How did TIFA get so strong?

Tifa became strong enough to take on the Weapon monsters through sheer training alone and doesn't require the aid of Mako or materia to help her punch her enemies into oblivion. Tifa was also the leader of AVALANCHE in Cloud's absence and became the heart of the group following Aerith's demise.