Why did Sephiroth go crazy?

Why did Sephiroth go crazy?

Sephiroth goes crazy because he realizes that he was an experiment created by shinra. From an infant he was injected with jenova cells by his very own father professor Hojo. ... Sephiroth goes crazy because he realizes that he was an experiment created by shinra.

Is Cloud in love with Tifa or Aerith?

Does Cloud love Tifa or Aerith in FF7 Remake? Cloud doesn't really end up with either Tifa or Aerith in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. However, players can get a semi-romantic special scene with Tifa or Aerith in chapter 14 of the Final Fantasy VII Remake and this is dependent on previous choices made.

Is aerith older than cloud?

Since we know that Aeris is a year older than Cloud, that means Zack was 18 years old when he met Aeris.

Why TIFA is the best?

Tifa is a very caring girl when one looks past her badass fighting exterior. She is the character that many look at as the true love interest for Cloud for a good reason. That reason is the fact that her caring nature leads to the fact that she always sticks by Cloud despite any issues or faults he may have.

Does aerith die in ff7 remake?

We don't know if Aerith will still die in part 2 of the Final Fantasy VII Remake or any further episodes as the game's cast are no longer destined to repeat their fate from the 1997 original. ... As for the famous death of Aerith, it's completely up in the air.

Did Jesse die in ff7?

It's implied that Jessie does die in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Old-school fans won't be overly shocked by this outcome as Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge all died in the original Final Fantasy VII. With that being said, it's more than just slightly possible that everyone's new favourite girl actually survived.

Who is aerith to cloud?

Aerith is the last of the Cetra, an ancient race with powerful magical abilities, and so the Shinra Electric Power Company hunts her throughout her life, seeking to exploit her powers. She meets Cloud Strife in Midgar, and the two become close, leading her to join his quest to fight Shinra and hunt down Sephiroth.

Is cloud with TIFA?

Not officially. Tifa and Cloud have a very long and complicated history together . They were childhood friends but were not super close as kids. Tifa knew Cloud back when Sephiroth was still Cloud's hero.

Can Zack beat Sephiroth?

In the original game, Zack did fight Sephiroth in the Mt. ... Between the three (Sephiroth, Genesis and Angeal), Sephiroth was the most powerful one where he was able to fight and hold on his own in One-against-Two match. So, it is possible if Zack and Sephiroth were to fight, Zack could win hypothetically speaking.

Did TIFA know cloud was lying?

After falling into the lifestream, Tifa has to help Cloud put together the pieces of his fractured psyche and its through this effort that she realizes what really happened: It's here she learns that Cloud wasn't wrong about seeing her in Nibelheim the day everything went to hell. She just didn't know it was him.

Does TIFA love cloud?

Tifa dont really show much love for Cloud most of the game. ... Tifa mentions in her flashback how she wasnt close with cloud during their childhood, and how weird it felt cloud called her out that night to talk with her.

Who is TIFA boyfriend?

The only thing close to a boyfriend Tifa ever had was Cloud. They grew up together.

Who loves Tifa Lockhart?

Using that common description, Cloud and Tifa definitely had a mutual crush on each other. Fast-forward two years later, Cloud revisits Nibelheim as a lowly Shinra grunt. Because of his shame of not being able to be Soldier, he covered his face. This time Tifa is waiting for him and excited to meet him.

Is TIFA married to Barret?

Background. Barret and Tifa are not shown in the canon to be romantically involved; in supplemental materials, no relationship is shown between the two of them at all. ... At first glance, some fans have stated that they believed that Barret and Tifa were a married couple, and were surprised to learn that they were not.

What race is TIFA?

Tifa Lockhart

How old is Tifa Lockhart?


Will TIFA die in the remake?

TIFA LOCKHART. ... TL;DR: The Whispers are dead, nothing keeps the next game from not following the original story of the PS1 game and for shock value, instead of Aerith, Tifa dies.