How do you say not included?

How do you say not included?

Not include typically refers to the act of excluding someone or something....What is another word for not including?

What is Disclusion?

(obsolete) A shutting off; exclusion. (dentistry) A separation of the teeth when the jaw is slightly opened. (dentistry) Especially, a separation of posterior teeth when the lower jaw moves forward, as a natural result of the alignment of the anterior teeth.

What is anterior guidance?

Anterior guidance is a feature where the front teeth ensure that the back teeth don't contact when the jaw is slid forward. ... You can check if you have good anterior guidance by sliding your jaw forwards while maintaining contact between your front teeth.

What is canine guided occlusion?

The canine-guided occlusion is a mutually protected occlusion where the vertical and horizontal overlap of the canine teeth causes disengagement of the posterior teeth in the lateral movement of the mandible 9 . ... It is also acknowledged that most patients are comfortable with their existing dentition and occlusion.

What is the difference between centric relation and centric occlusion?

Centric occlusion refers to a position of maximal, bilateral, balanced contact between the cusps of the maxillary and mandibular arches. Centric relation is the most retruded, unstrained position of the mandibular condyle within the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), that is, within the glenoid fossa.

What is canine rise?

Canine rise /Cuspid rise occlusion • During lateral occlusion(excursion) the opposing upper and lower canines of the working side contact thereby causing disclusion of the posterior teeth on the working and balancing sides. this is called canine rise occlusion/canine guided occlusion.