What does omnibus mean in English?

What does omnibus mean in English?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a usually automotive public vehicle designed to carry a large number of passengers : bus took a seat on the omnibus. 2 : a book containing reprints of a number of works (as of a single author or on a single subject) The omnibus contained all of the author's short stories.

What happens if someone pleads not guilty?

When you plead not guilty, the magistrate will give you a hearing date. At the hearing, the prosecutor will present evidence to try and show the court that you are guilty. You can also present evidence that shows you are not guilty or that you have a defence. The magistrate will then make a decision.

Do co defendants get the same sentence?

Yes, co-defendants in drug cases may receive different sentences. When two people are charged and convicted of the same crime, the maximum penalty they are facing may be the same, but the actual sentence each receives can vary greatly.

Can you visit your co-defendant?

At your first appearance the judge is likely to tell you that you aren't allowed any contact with your co-defendant. That means you can't talk to one another or be around each other. ... Co-defendants are generally not allowed to have the same lawyer. The State may want one of you to offer testimony against the other.

Can co-defendants live together?

Co-defendants can live together unless there is a court order saying otherwise. Your problem is that you are both on parole/probation. A common condition of parole is that you can't associate with known criminals or people on probation.

Can there be two defendants?

Lawsuits often involve multiple other defendants, which can complicate a case. Under joint and several liability, each and every defendant involved in a civil lawsuit — no matter their actual fault — is liable for the entire amount of damages. ...

What happens when defendant settles?

When one tortfeasor settles with the injured party, the settlement relieves the settling tortfeasor of liability to any other person for contribution. It entitles the non-settling tortfeasor to assert the settlement as a defense to the injured party's claim and to obtain an appropriate reduction in damages.

What is a cross claim defendant?

A cross-claim is a claim by one party against a co-party (e.g., a defendant claiming against another defendant, or a plaintiff claiming against another plaintiff, arising out of the original complaint.)

What is a cross complainant?

Cross-complaint, also called “crossclaim”, is an independent action brought by a party against a co-party, the original plaintiff, or someone who is not yet a party to the lawsuit. The cross-complaint must arise out of the same transaction or occurrence of plaintiff's claim against the defendant.