Are you really marrying Odette?

Are you really marrying Odette?

Rory: "Are you really going to marry Odette." Logan: "That's the dynastic plan." ... Rory asks if she can put boring-ass Dean in his book — and that she'll say he was the greatest boyfriend alive, and that he taught her what safe feels like.

Who is rorys boyfriend?

Rory Gilmore
ReligionProtestant Christian
RelationshipsDean Forester (ex-boyfriend) Jess Mariano (ex-boyfriend) Logan Huntzberger (ex-boyfriend) Paul (ex-boyfriend)

Does Rory still love Jess?

“I think… I think I may have loved you, but I just need to let it go.” In Season 4, Jess briefly returns and professes his love for Rory, but she turns him down. He appears again in Season 6 of Gilmore Girls and still clearly has feelings for Rory, but Rory is in love with her boyfriend Logan.

Who does Paris Geller marry?

Paris Geller
Full nameParis Eustace Geller
OccupationFertility doctor
FamilyUnnamed mother and father Jacob Geller (cousin) Gabriela McMaster-Geller (daughter) Timóteo McMaster-Geller (son)
SpouseDoyle McMaster (ex-husband)

Did Rory really love Dean?

Dean (Jared Padalecki) was Rory's first love, and the two had three relationships over the course of the show. ... Dean later cheats on his wife with Rory, which eventually leads to the dissolution of his marriage.

Why did Rory break up with Dean?

After the break-up, Rory reveals that Dean broke up with her because she didn't respond with "I love you too." This break, however, doesn't last long. ... Rory feels confused about him at first since she suspected he was trouble and her mother didn't trust him, but she still ends up being good friends with him.