What is Omni short for?

What is Omni short for?

OMNIOrganising Medical Networked Information
OMNIOpportunities for Micronutrient Interventions Project
OMNIOperating Missions as a Node on the Internet (NASA networking project)

What does IC mean in police?

IC is police-speak for identifying the ethnicity of a person: identity codes include IC1 (White), IC3 (Black), IC4 (West Asian), IC5 (East Asian).

What does IC mean in military?

IC in Army
3ICIntegrated Circuit Technology, Computing, Electronics
1I.C.Intelligence Corps + 1 variant Military, War, Education
1ICIntelligence Corps Intelligence, Corps, Defence
1ICIncident Commander Emergency, Firefighting, Fire Protection
1ICIn Command Military, RAF, Military Appointment

What is IC in business?

IC is the unique set of knowledge assets held by a person or a group (a team, an organization, a corporation, a city, a state, a nation). Today roughly 70% of the average company's value. and performance is attributable to IC.

What does IC3 female mean?

The codes are: IC1- White European. IC2- Dark European (Mediterranean / Hispanic) IC3- Afro-Caribbean. IC4- Asian (South Asian)

What does IC4 6 mean?

Identity Code

What is IC5?

IC5. Chinese, Japanese, or other Southeast Asian. IC6. Arabic or North African.

What is Ic4 gas?

Butane or Field Butane - is a hydrocarbon component mix of NGL and is used in numerous applications with the petrochemical industry, gasoline or oil additive. Butane from most fractionation facilities is a mix of normal butane (nC4) and iso butane (iC4), called field butane.

What is Oracle Ic4?

Oracle Senior Software Engineer (Ic4) Salaries.