Which is the oldest Vedic?

Which is the oldest Vedic?

The Rigveda

When was the Vedas first written?

The oldest scriptures of Hinduism, originally passed down orally but then written in Vedic Sanskrit between 1500 and 500 BCE.

Who kills bheem?

Bhima, who was gone hunting during the abduction, was deeply upset when he came to know of Jatasura's evil act on his return. A fierce encounter followed between the two gigantic warriors, where Bhima emerged victorious by decapitating Jatasura and crushing his body.

Who is older bheem or duryodhan?

Duryodhana is elder. He is younger than Yudhishtira but elder than Bheema. ... Duryodhana's wife name is “Bhanumati”. she was princess of the daughter of king Chitrangada and princess of Kalinga.

Who is stronger Bhima or Karna?

###Here, See Karna single-handedly defeated Bhima along with all pandava maharathi. Karna destroyed the pandava army totally. He could have easily killed all of them, but he didn't ---- That's why he is KARNA !!!

Can Karna kill Arjuna?

No, definitely not, Karna could not kill Arjuna. Coming to Arjuna vs Karna, Arjuna possessed almost every weapons in Mahabharata period including the Legendary Pashupatastra which was capable of destroying the whole world. According to some legends, Only Mahadev could defeat Arjuna in battle.

Can Karna kill Krishna?

Though acknowledging the fact he spared life of 4 Pandavas but his life was also spared by Bhima and Satyaki on occasions. So he could be defeated killed and overpowered easily so how do he kill Krishna. ... So no Karna as a warrior was weak and thus could not even stand Krishna for few second if it comes to duel.

Did Karna really insulted Draupadi?

Karna insulted Draupadi, because Draupadi did the same during her Swayamwar. ... Initially she was awed by Karna's abilities and qualities. Later, when she got to know of his caste, she rejected him. Drauapdi even insulted Duryodhan during her Swayamvar.