What are the oldest documents on earth?

What are the oldest documents on earth?

Here Are Some of the Oldest Surviving Books in the World

  • Codex Parisino-Petropolitanus, 7-8th century.
  • St. Cuthbert Gospel, 7-8th century.
  • The Pseudo-Apuleius Herbarius, 6-7th century.
  • Gärima Gospels, 390-570.
  • Codex Sinaiticus, 330-360.
  • The Nag Hammadi library, 3-4th century.
  • Dead Sea Scrolls, 2nd century BCE-1st century CE.
  • The Etruscan Gold Book, 6th century BCE.

What is the largest religion in India today?

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Religious groupPopulation (2011) %Growth (2001-2011)

Why did Islam start in Saudi Arabia?

Islam is the state religion of Saudi Arabia. In the 18th century, a pact between Islamic preacher Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab and a regional emir, Muhammad bin Saud, brought a fiercely puritanical strain of Sunni Islam first to the Najd region and then to the Arabian Peninsula. ...

Which countries are Sunni or Shia?

Sunnis are a majority in almost all Muslim communities: in Southeast Asia, China, South Asia, Africa and Vast majority of Arab world. Shia make up the majority of the citizen population in Iraq, Bahrain, Iran, and Azerbaijan, as well as being a minority in Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Kuwait.