What was before the Tridentine Mass?

What was before the Tridentine Mass?

Pre-Tridentine Mass refers to the variants of the liturgical rite of Mass in Rome before 1570, when, with his bull Quo primum, Pope Pius V made the Roman Missal, as revised by him, obligatory throughout the Latin-Rite or Western Church, except for those places and congregations whose distinct rites could demonstrate an ...

When did the Catholic mass change?

Catholics throughout the world worshiped in Latin until Vatican II, when the church granted permission for priests to celebrate Mass in other languages. The English translation used until this weekend was published in the early 1970s and modified in 1985.

What is the penitential rite in a Catholic Mass?

The Penitential Act (capitalized in the Roman Missal) is a form of general confession of sinfulness that normally takes place at the beginning of the celebration of Mass in the Roman Rite. The term used in the original text of the Roman Missal (in Latin) is Actus Paenitentialis.

What are the 5 parts of the introductory rites?

Terms in this set (5)

  • Intro rite #1. Entrance procession and song.
  • Intro rite #2. Sign of the cross and greeting.
  • Intro rite # 3. Penitential rite.
  • Intro rite #4. Glory to God ( Gloria)
  • Intro rite #5. Opening prayer.

What is the introductory rite of the Mass?

They were never directly part of the people's preparation in the Tridentine Rite. The Introductory Rites include: The Entrance Song The Greeting The Rite of Sprinkling of Holy Water (or) The Penitential Rite (includes three forms) The Kyrie The Glory to God The Opening Prayer.

What are the four parts of the liturgy of the word?

Liturgy of the Word – includes the Readings, Gospel, Homily and Prayers of the Faithful. Liturgy of the Eucharist – includes the Eucharist Prayer, the Our Father and Holy Communion. Concluding Rites – includes the Concluding Prayer and Dismissal.