What happened to the old man on the mountain?

What happened to the old man on the mountain?

On , the craggy rock face known as New Hampshire's Old Man of the Mountain tumbled to the ground in spectacular fashion. For a landmark that had been in the state's DNA for generations, its collapse was like a death in the family to some.

What held the water in the pool and not let it dry like the pools in Plains?

Answer. Answer: The rocks, however, held the water in the pool, and it did not dry up like the pools in the plains. When Ranji saw the pool, he did not hesitate to get into it.

How did Ranji reach the pool and enjoy swimming in it?

Ans: Ranji slipped out of his vest into the swimming pool. He dived straight into water cutting through it like a knife and surfaced with hardly a splash.

Who was a better swimmer How do you know it?

Ranji was the better swimmer. When the other boy made fun of him by saying that he would not be able to swim across the pool Ranji dived straight into the water and surfaced at the other end in a flash. The boy was amazed at how well Ranji had dived and later at how he had swum underwater.

What else can be done to reach a mutually acceptable settlement?

If there is difference of opinion between two people, they should remain calm and composed instead of getting furious and discuss the problem with each other. In this way they would come to know each others wish and it would help them in reaching a mutually acceptable settlement.

How did Jody look after the fawn after he accepted the responsibility for doing this?

After Jody accepted the responsibility for looking after the fawn, he cared for it like its own mother would. When he first found it he reached out one hand and laid it on its soft neck. He then put both his arms around its body. While taking it home, he shielded its face from the sharp vines.

Why did mill wheel not want to leave him alone?

Answer: Mill-wheel did not want to leave Jody alone as he was afraid that Jody could lose his way or get bitten by a snake.

How did Penny feel when he saw the fawn?

When he realised that its was his fawn now, he was 'light headed with his joy'. When he finally brought the fawn into the house Penny thought that “the boy's eyes were as bright as the fawn's”. How did the deer drink milk from the gourd? ... The deer is a wild animal.