Where was the Old Man in the Mountain?

Where was the Old Man in the Mountain?

Cannon Mountain

Where did Ernest P Worrell come from?

Varney, as Worrell, mentioned that his family was from Kentucky (Varney's real-life birthplace) when he hosted Happy New Year, America on CBS Decem. Most of Worrell's family members had their appearance in either Hey Vern, It's My Family Album, Your World as I See It, or Varney's stand-up routine.

What ever happened to Vern?

Worrell of "Hey, Vern!" fame, succumbed to lung cancer today in his Tennessee home. He was 50. Most recently, Varney was the voice of Toy Story 2's Slinky Dog. He announced his cancer diagnosis in November, just before the successful film debuted./span>

Where did the phrase know what I mean Vern come from?

In 1981, Varney was asked back to film a new spot for Cherry, this one for a dilapidated amusement park in Bowling Green, Kentucky, that Cherry considered so unimpressive he didn't want to show it on camera. Instead, he created the character of Ernest P. ... (“Know what I mean, Vern?” became Ernest's catchphrase.)

How old is Ernest P Worrell?

Jim Varney
DiedFebru (aged 50) White House, Tennessee, U.S.
Resting placeLexington Cemetery
OccupationActor comedian writer
Years active1964–2000

What killed Jim Varney?