What is Documentum xCP?

What is Documentum xCP?

OpenText™ DocumentumxCP offers a case management framework on which to build case management applications. ... The low-code, composition-focused, development environment simplifies the process of combining information to create dynamic case management solutions to address complex business challenges.

What is S B OpenText?

OpenText is a Canadian company that provides (among other things) a working platform for document management or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) with the option of carrying out the integration using SAP.

Is OpenText open source?

Open Source Helps Drive Innovation. OpenText counts on the open source community to help make OpenText Core Share the high performance, secure, flexible and elegant platform that it is.

What is OpenText EDI?

OpenText™ offers a collection of training courses on general Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) topics as well as on the OpenText™ Trading Grid™ Messaging Service. These courses are appropriate for all customers regardless of their Business Network software product.

What is the best EDI software?

Top 10 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Software

  • SPS Commerce Fulfillment EDI.
  • MuleSoft Anypoint Platform.
  • TrueCommerce EDI.
  • Cleo.
  • Jitterbit.
  • GoAnywhere MFT.
  • DiCentral EDI & Supply Chain Solutions.
  • Dell Boomi.

What is GXS EDI?

Using our EDI (electronic data interchange) software and services you can exchange a wide variety of transactions with your business partners-from POs and ASNs to invoices and payment instructions. We support all the popular EDI standards including ANSI X. ... We operate the largest EDI network in the world.

What is GXS Catalogue?

GXS ActiveSM Catalogue is the retail industry's leading product data synchronization appli- cation, allowing marketers, manufacturers and suppliers to share with retailers their latest product information, such as price, style, color, size and more than 600 product attributes and images.

What is GXS Trading Grid?

GXS provides business-to-business integration and on-demand supply chain integration, synchronization and collaboration solutions over its cloud platform, GXS Trading Grid. In 2004 the company launched its GXS Trading Grid via a partnership with webMethods.

What is OpenText Trading Grid?

OpenText Trading Grid, part of the OpenText Cloud, is a powerful B2B integration solution that offers integration technology for enterprises to connect to their business partners quickly, securely and efficiently.

Is OpenText a van?

In 2012 OpenText™ acquired EasyLink, a global provider of cloud-based electronic messaging and business integration services....Rebranded Products.
Former NameNew Name
EasyLink EDI VANOpenText Trading Grid® Messaging Service

How do I become EDI capable?

How to Become EDI Capable

  1. Purchase and install your EDI software.
  2. Configure your mailbox for receiving and storing EDI transactions.
  3. Purchase and configure the necessary hardware for EDI.
  4. Meet EDI compliance requirements set by your trading partners.

What is API vs EDI?

EDI uses communication protocols, such as AS2, FTP, SFTP to deliver information, while APIs use more accessible and more real-time HTTP/S. While EDI technologies tend to be on-premise, APIs can also be (are always) cloud-based.

Is EDI still used?

EDIElectronic Data Interchange – is a set of protocols used by many players in the supply chain to transmit data to one another. It helped transform a paper-heavy process to one using computers. ... Some facts we uncovered on EDI: 85% of the industry polled is still using EDI.

What companies use EDI?

Retail giants like Wal-Mart, JCPenney, Supervalu, and Hallmark Cards have been regular users of EDI. In fact, Wal-Mart has been one of the most influential companies driving new technology trends. While 70% of all orders are automated by EDI/XML, Portals, and/or Exchanges, EDI is the method of choice.