What is the meaning of obiter dictum?

What is the meaning of obiter dictum?

Obiter dictum, Latin phrase meaning “that which is said in passing,” an incidental statement. Specifically, in law, it refers to a passage in a judicial opinion which is not necessary for the decision of the case before the court.

What is vertical precedent?

The doctrine operates both horizontally and vertically. Horizontal stare decisis refers to a court adhering to its own precedent. A court engages in vertical stare decisis when it applies precedent from a higher court.

What's an example of a precedent?

The definition of precedent is a decision that is the basis or reason for future decisions. An example of precedent is the legal decision in Brown v. Board of Education guiding future laws about desegregation.

What are the types of precedent?

Kinds of precedents are an authoritative precedent, persuasive precedent, original precedent, declaratory precedent and what are their uses and when they are applied....Kinds of Precedents:

  • Authoritative precedents: ...
  • Persuasive precedents: ...
  • Original precedents: ...
  • Declaratory precedents:

What does precedent mean?

Definition of precedent (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : an earlier occurrence of something similar. 2a : something done or said that may serve as an example or rule to authorize or justify a subsequent act of the same or an analogous kind a verdict that had no precedent.

What is an example of stare decisis?

Under the rule of stare decisis, courts are obligated to uphold their previous rulings or the rulings made by higher courts within the same court system. For example, the Kansas state appellate courts will follow their precedent, the Kansas Supreme Court precedent, and the U.S. Supreme Court precedent.

Is precedented a word?

Usage of 'Precedented' This does not meant that precedented is not a word; it is an uncommon one (“supported or justified by a precedent”) but can be found. In its initial use, in the beginning of the 17th century, the word was spelled presidented.

What does it mean to set precedence?

: to decide something that will be used as an example or rule to be followed in the future The ruling in the case is likely to set a precedent for how future cases are decided.

How do you spell Presidence?


  1. act or fact of preceding.
  2. the right to precede in order, rank, or importance; priority.
  3. the fact of preceding in time; antedating.
  4. the right to precede others in ceremonies or social formalities.
  5. the order to be observed in ceremonies by persons of different ranks, as by diplomatic protocol.

What does presidence mean?

1 : the action or fact of presiding : direction, superintendence by the presidence and guidance of an unseen governing power— William Wollaston. 2 : presidency sense 1a preserve both the senate and the presidence— P. G. Hamerton.

What does do not set a precedent mean?

Establish a usage, tradition, or standard to be followed in the future. For example, He set a precedent by having the chaplain lead the academic procession. The word precedent here signifies a previous instance or legal decision upon which future instances are based, a usage dating from the early 1400s.

What is the meaning of the Latin root in precedence?

precedence (n.) + -ence, or from Medieval Latin praecedentia, from Latin praecedent-, past-participle stem of praecedere. Meaning "act or fact of preceding another, right of preceding another in processions, assemblies, social formalities, etc." is from c.

What does presence mean?

1 : the fact or condition of being present (see present entry 3) 2a : the part of space within one's immediate vicinity. b : the neighborhood of one of superior especially royal rank.

What's another word for precedence?

Precedence Synonyms - WordHippo Thesaurus....What is another word for precedence?

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