What is illegal in New Zealand?

What is illegal in New Zealand?

Alcohol, illegal substances and guns Along with many other countries, the use, possession, cultivation or trafficking/dealing of illicit substances including cannabis/weed is illegal in New Zealand. Strict gun control is enforced. Only those with a current firearm licence/permit can own and use firearms.

What is common law in New Zealand?

New Zealand has common law, which means judges make legal decisions based on previous judges' decisions as well as on statutes (written law) passed by Parliament.

What are the two main sources of law in New Zealand?

The role of the judiciary is to interpret and apply the law. There are two main sources of law: statutes (the laws passed by Parliament) and the 'common law'. The common law has been developed by judges over the centuries, and may be altered by the courts to meet changing circumstances.

What was NZ originally called?

Nieuw Zeeland

Where is cannibalism legal in the US?

Cannibalism is the consumption of another human's body matter, whether consensual or not. In the United States, there are no laws against cannibalism per se, but most, if not all, states have enacted laws that indirectly make it impossible to legally obtain and consume the body matter.

Do police in Australia carry guns?

Police in Australia routinely wear firearms which are personally issued to them. All fatal police shootings are subject to a mandatory coronial inquest.

What sniper rifle does Russia use?

But in recent years, the Russian military has adopted several rifles — the Dragunov replacement Chukavin sniper rifle and Orsis T-5000 Tochnost rifle — as part of a military-wide modernization push to allow snipers to reach out beyond 1,600 and 1,800 yards, respectively.

What are Russian police called?

The Russian police (formerly the militsiya) are the primary law enforcement agency, the Investigative Committee of Russia (the "Russian FBI") is the main investigative agency, and the Federal Security Service (formerly the KGB) is the main domestic security agency.