Who did Pansy Parkinson marry in Harry Potter?

Who did Pansy Parkinson marry in Harry Potter?

pansy Parkinson
Biographical information
Family information
Family membersTheodore Nott (Ex-Husband) Pansy nott (Daughter)

What house is Dolores Umbridge in?

Slytherin House

What does Draco call Hermione?


Do the Malfoys hate half bloods?

The Malfoys are prejudiced against muggleborns but there is absolutely no evidence that they have anything against half-bloods. They are not as extreme as the Blacks and the Gaunts regarding pureblood supremacy. The Malfoys for example do not engage in inbreeding and sometimes even marry half-bloods.

Is Snape a Mudblood?

Snape's ancestry is hinted at. He was a Death Eater, so clearly he is no Muggle born, because Muggle borns are not allowed to be Death Eaters, except in rare circumstances.

Is Voldemort a Mudblood?

It is perhaps interesting that Voldemort himself is not a pureblood; while his mother, Merope Gaunt, was a member of one of the oldest Wizarding familes in existence, his hated father was a Muggle. In spite of this, he is still considered the heir of Salazar Slytherin.

Is Lily Potter a pureblood?

Harry Potter is a half-blood wizard. His father, James Potter was a pure blood, meaning completely 100% magical blood. Lily's parents were both Muggles (not magical at all, not one bit), so Lily was called a muggle-born, even though she had magical blood somewhere in her ancestry.

How much older is Voldemort than Snape?

In 6th year student's age is 16. Lily, James and Snape were of the same age because they started their school in the same year. So, Voldemort was 34 years older than Lily, James and Snape.

Who is the most loved Harry Potter character?

Hermione Granger